Entrepreneur to Forbes: “If I can own the vagina and the butthole, I win.”

Gotta love this entrepreneur’s tagline. “If I can own the vagina and butthole, I win,” says Miki Agrawal.

Agrawal is introducing yet another period-panty option (as well as another product I’m having trouble visualizing; a portable bidet for people with poop issues?). On the plus side, her panties feature a two-tampons-worth-of-absorbent-crotch and aren’t disposable but reusable. They don’t look that bad, kinda sexy.

Supposedly, you’ll be able to buy seven panties (one a day for a week-long period) for $200. You re-use them and they last two years.

The drawbacks? Maybe I lack imagination, but I can’t see this one-a-day thing being very comfy. Even if the crotch holds two tampons-worth of blood, won’t women want to change ’em out a bit over the course of a day, particularly on heavy bleeding days? But I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt since I like where she is headed with this concept–and because I am charmed by her unabashed capitalist takeover of the nether regions. Maybe she’ll give ole P&G a run for its money?

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